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From be- (about, over) +‎ drum.


bedrum (third-person singular simple present bedrums, present participle bedrumming, simple past and past participle bedrummed)

  1. (transitive) To drum about; drum over; drum in celebration for.
    • 1874, Thomas Carlyle, Works: Tales by Musaeus, Tieck, Richter:
      As the wedding company proceeded to the church, with the town-band bedrumming and becymballing them in the van, she whimpered and sobbed as in the evil hour when the Job's-news reached her, that the wild sea had devoured her husband, with ship and fortune.
    • 1896, John Ruskin, Fors clavigera:
      [...] and to thrust themselves, with the utmost of their soul and strength, to the highest, by them attainable, pinnacle of the most bedrummed and betrumpeted booth in the Fair of the World.
    • 1897, The Canadian magazine:
      This bedrummed and betrumpeted man of genius cannot read the A B a b of the human emotions.