bee candy

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bee candy (uncountable)

  1. A manufactured food for bees, used by bee-keepers
    • 1909, Ralph Benton, A Comprehensive System for the Queen Breeder, page 126:
      Connected with one corner of the cage is a small tube several inches in length which in caging a queen for introduction, is filled with bee candy.
    • a. 1921 [3rd ed.], Tickner Edwardes, The Bee-Master of Warrilow [Kessinger reprint](2006), page 61
      This is bee-candy," he explained, "winter food for the hives. We make a lot of it and send it all over the country. But it's ticklish work.
    • 1990, Gordon L. Shaw, James L. McGaugh, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, page 428
      The hive was provisioned with bee candy, water, 2 frames of honey, and 1 frame of pollen mixed with dextrose.