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Alternative forms[edit]


From bee +‎ -ling.


beeling ‎(plural beelings)

  1. A small, young, or juvenile bee.
    • 1901, British bee journal & bee-keepers adviser - Volume 29 - Page 354:
      The "bee-ling" is now at its best, spotted here and there with large patches of "crow-ling" (Erica cinerca) and smaller patches of the beautiful pink waxlike "wire-ling" (Erica tetralix).
    • 1906, Harper's magazine - Volume 113 - Page 593:
      Herein must go an egg and food for the beeling that shall hatch therefrom.
    • 1907, Henry Christopher McCook, Nature's craftsmen:
      [...] in which the pollen is gathered and carried to the cells to feed the hungry little larvae or beelings when they are hatched from the egg.