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beetroot +‎ -y


beetrooty (comparative more beetrooty, superlative most beetrooty)

  1. Resembling beetroot in colour, texture, etc.
    • 1859, Charles Dickens, All the Year Round‎
      "She's coming out," screamed the smallest boy, with the whitest face, the most beetrooty nose, the thinnest blouse, and the most precocious intellect ever seen or heard of.
    • 1862, James Hogg, Florence Marryat (eds), London Society‎
      The exertion of walking in a tight dress over rough fields made her momentarily more beetrooty.
    • 1961, Boris Lavrenev, Margaret Wettlin, N Jochel, The Forty First‎
      Swelling up with a beetrooty apoplectic rage, the Councillor seized the white silk chair and, swinging it by the arms, banged it violently against the floor...
  2. Containing beetroot.
    • 2003, Charles Campion, The rough guide to London restaurants‎
      The soup makes a good starter: Ukrainian barszcz (£4.50) is a rich, beetrooty affair.
    • 2006, Kate Lyons, The Corner of Your Eye‎
      Innocent, sandy, smiling, smelling of clove cigarettes and beetrooty hamburgers and a faraway sea.