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From Middle English *befreen, *bifreen, from Old English befrēoġan (to free, liberate); equivalent to be- +‎ free. Cognate with West Frisian befrije (to liberate), Dutch bevrijden (to liberate, deliver), German befreien (to set free, liberate), Swedish befria (to liberate, free, deliver).


befree (third-person singular simple present befrees, present participle befreeing, simple past and past participle befreed)

  1. (transitive) To make or set free; liberate; deliver; release.
    • 1917, Massachusetts. Constitutional convention, Journal...:
      Such is the fascinating future for Russia in the event of the establishment and welding of the befreed Russian Nation into a strong and firm democratic State.
    • 1975, Asia Institute, Hague, Netherlands, Asian perspectives:
      They helped rather the big industrialists than to befree the poors from the yoke of the money-lenders.