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Norwegian Bokmål[edit]


From Middle Low German, from the prefix be- +‎ fri ("to free, to set free"). Compare with Swedish befria.


befri (imperative befri, present tense befrir, present passive befris, simple past befridde, past participle befridd, present participle befriende)

  1. to free, set free (make free), liberate, deliver
    En svær mengde samlet seg utenfor fengslet og befridde fangen.
    A huge crowd gathered outside the prison and freed / liberated the prisoner.
    Jeg har sett hvordan folket mitt blir mishandlet i Egypt, og har hørt klagen deres, og jeg har steget ned for å befri dem.
    I have seen how my people are mistreated in Egypt, heard their moans, and I have descended to deliver them. (Acts of the Apostles, 7,34)

Usage notes[edit]

The suffix replaces the use of auxiliary words in certain situations, such as in the phrase gjøre fri, where be- replaces gjøre, but the word is essentially a synonym to the verb fri.


Derived terms[edit]