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From be- +‎ fuck.


befuck (third-person singular simple present befucks, present participle befucking, simple past and past participle befucked)

  1. (transitive, intransitive, vulgar) To fuck about or around; fuck all over; fuck over.
    • 1963, D. A. Kinsley, Allen Edwardes, Death rides a camel:
      "Allah befuck this hole!" he rasped. "Allah indeed!" Burton sighed. The both of them staggered back to their grunting and growling camels.
    • 1980, Wilhelm Reich, Character Analysis:
      Replacement of the "forces" by other, natural forces seemed a logical step in this direction. Somehow the delusional forces had lost some power over her, as expressed in the following statement: "I also thought they could befuck themselves."
    • 2003, CMJ New Music Report - Oct 6, 2003:
      [...] staccato bass notes fiercely poked and prodded; staccato guitars befucking all notions of scale and timbre; staccato vocals barking with joyous acrimony. Ouch!