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From be- +‎ ghost. Compare bespirit, beghast.


beghost (third-person singular simple present beghosts, present participle beghosting, simple past and past participle beghosted)

  1. (transitive) To endow with a spirit or soul; fill with or affect by a spirit or ghost; inspire; haunt.
    • 1910, Charles Francis Keary, The pursuit of reason:
      Was Hamlet's armour beghosted too?
    • 1988, John Canning, 50 Great Ghost Stories:
      For two centuries or more Littlecote, which is near Hungerford, was owned by the Darrell family, and it was they who finally beghosted not only the house but also the neighbourhood — even as far as the Hungerford to Salisbury road.
    • 1989, Ronald Frame, Penelope's hat:
      Later she remembered them as ensorcelled houses; beghosted by their occupants' fears of disappointment, by the memories of their lives and other lives they might have had.
    • 2005, Charles Lloyd, Philip Cox, Anti-Jacobin novels: Edmund Oliver (1798):
      [...] and the publication of the very interesting tale from which it is taken, we have been so beghosted both in prose and verse, [...]
  2. (transitive) To make a ghost of; teach (one) how to play a ghost.

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