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From begive +‎ -ing.


begiving (uncountable)

  1. The act or process of begiving or giving out; issuing.
    • 1992, Rita B. Dandridge, Black women's blues: a literary anthology, 1934-1988:
      I have give my age in to many people, but I don't know how they have been turn in to the order of yours, as the begiving.
    • 2004, Communion,
      How am I begiving? To whom do I begive and why? What is the quality of my begiving? How willing am I to begive? How much? To what extent?
    • 2010, Chris Worth, Captain Jeans and the Quest for Keith,
      Maria was forever to begive her begivings to the loathsome imposter who’s waddling skulk had haunted her. Thus life nourishes death and as the witch died so did she.
    • , bN : Gay Secrets,
      If someone commited adultery and hence broke the Law with such generous begivings they were entitled to harshest punishment to save time.



  1. present participle of begive