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From being +‎ -hood.


beinghood (uncountable)

  1. The state, quality, or condition of being or existing; existence.
    • 1887, George Jamieson, Discussions on the atonement: Is it vicarious?:
      As it is alone supposable that subjective mind can operate on objective substance; as it is not conceivable that objective material can itself be the absolute basis or foundation of beinghood, or can of itself, and as such, [...]
    • 1987, Sukharanjan Saha, Perspectives on Nyaya logic and epistemology:
      Is the universal of beinghood itself being or not-being?
    • 1997, Plato, Eva Brann, Peter Kalkavage, Plato's Sophist, or, The professor of wisdom:
      Let us therefore obtain an account from both kinds of men in turn on behalf of the beinghood they posit.
    • 2011, Henri Colt, Silvia Quadrelli, Friedman Lester, The Picture of Health:
      For an individual to enjoy beinghood, they must have the capacity for subjective experiences [...]
  2. Personhood; personality.
    • 1873, Sara S. Hennell, Present religion: as a faith owning fellowship with thought:
      [...] to the whole notion, that this realized Personality is, of right, not attributable to the Divine Beinghood, which to me is of right but symbolical, but needful to be known by us as only affecting the human Self.


Derived terms[edit]