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belittle +‎ -er


belittler (plural belittlers)

  1. One who belittles.
    • 1876, Corydon Charles Merriman, “A Trip to Mexico” in Lectures, Essays and Published Articles on Scientific and Literary Subjects and on Foreign Travel, Rochester, New York, 1885, p. 293,[1]
      The very thrill of joy that went through the land when it was announced that the devoted and intrepid Schliemann had found at Mycena an Aladin’s cave of Homeric heroes and treasures and evidences, ought to be a significant warning to all misbelievers and belittlers of history.
    • 1913, Everard Meynell, The Life of Francis Thompson, London: Burns & Oates, Chapter 7, p. 142,[2]
      He thought out his brisk repartees purely for his own satisfaction and at leisure, and would have blushed to answer his belittlers in the open.
    • 1958, Robert A. Heinlein, Have Space Suit—Will Travel, New York: Ballantine, 1977, Chapter 3, p. 39,[3]
      “I wonder how harmless such people are? To what extent civilization is retarded by the laughing jack-asses, the empty-minded belittlers? []