belly ring

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Alternative forms[edit]


belly ring (plural belly rings)

  1. A form of body art wherein a piercing is placed in a cauterized puncture of the umbilicus.
    • 2007, Alyson Noël, Kiss & Blog, St. Martin's Press (2007), →ISBN, page 144:
      [] and Sloane is a hot mermaid — wearing a freshly sprayed coat of Mystic tan, a tiny bikini top covered in seashells, a dangly, gold, starfish belly ring, and this long, turquoise, sparkly, sequined, fishtail skirt, which is dragging behind her, sweeping the floor and gathering trash, like a really glamorous mop.
    • 2010, Rebecca James, Beautiful Malice, Bantam Books (2010), →ISBN page 54:
      She stands and stretches again, flashing her tanned midriff and her belly ring as her T-shirt lifts.
    • 2012, Joshilyn Jackson, A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty, Grand Central Publishing (2012), →ISBN, unnumbered page:056 page 54:
      I'd been supposed to write down three examples of irony for freshman English, and Liza was barefoot in low-rise thrift-store Calvins that showed her silver belly ring, talking about Tyler Baines's mom jeans while he mowed our lawn.
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