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From Middle English belouken, bilouken, from Old English belūcan (to lock up, bring to an end), equivalent to be- +‎ lock.


belock (third-person singular simple present belocks, present participle belocking, simple past and past participle belocked)

  1. (archaic, transitive) To lock up or lock in place; hold tight; fasten.
    • Shakespeare, Measure for Measure
      This is the hand, which, with a vow'd contract, was fast belocked in thine.
    • 1814, The Lady's Monthly Museum, Or Polite Repository of Amusement and Instruction:
      The brawny mariner belocks the line
      Within his horny palm, and to the rude
      Timeing of a tuneless lay, the frolic sail
      Quickly upclews, and wraps it to the yard.
    • 1843, James Grassie, Legends of the highlands of Scotland, page 50:
      After this manner he reached an eminence called the Allanowr in the vicinity of Strone, and here he observed two figures, reclining in listless langour on the moss; on advancing a little farther he recognised the features of his chieftain's son, his hands belocked in those of a female who was soothing him "as his drooped head sank gradually low!"