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be- +‎ medal +‎ -ed



bemedaled (comparative more bemedaled, superlative most bemedaled)

  1. Having or wearing medals.
    • 2009, Jon Meacham, chapter 9, in American Lion: Andrew Jackson in the White House, ↑ISBN, page 117:
      The evening had its glamorous elements, with elegantly dressed women and bemedaled and beribboned military officers circulating through the first-floor rooms; Barry, the postmaster general, and the only Eaton ally in the Cabinet except for Van Buren, called it “the most splendid entertainment I have been at in Washington.”
    • 2011, Alan Bennett, "Baffled at a Bookcase", London Review of Books, XXXIII.15:
      The luckier and less disabled ones manned lifts or were posted at the doors of public buildings, a uniformed and bemedalled conciergerie who were more often than not unhelpful, making the most of whatever petty authority they were invested with.