ber er hver að baki, nema sér bróður eigi

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Brennu-Njáls saga, a phrase uttered by Kári Sölmundarson. Consists of ber ‎(bare) + er ‎(is), from vera ‎(to be) + hver ‎(each, everyone) + ‎(concerning, to) + baki the dative singular form of bak ‎(back) + nema ‎(unless) + sér, dative form of sig ‎(oneself, one) + bróður, the accusative form of bróðir ‎(brother) + eigi, form of eiga ‎(to own).

Literally meaning that the "back of each man is bare, unless he has a brother to him".


ber er hver baki, nema sér bróður eigi

  1. he who doesn't have a companion (brother) in battle; is unprotected