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From be- +‎ salt +‎ -ed.



besalted (not comparable)

  1. Treated with salt, covered with salt or turned into salt.
    • 1870 July 9, "Nature-development and Theology", Littell's Living Age, Vol. 106 (Vol. 18 of the fourth series), No. 1362, page 69, quoting The Contemporary Review.
      He could no more believe it than he could believe in petrified sea-shells or besalted “Edith, Lot's wife.”
    • 1933, Susanne Rouviere Day, Where the Mistral Blows: Impressions of Provence, Methuen & Co. Ltd., page 118.
      There they ate raw onions and allspice soused in vinegar and a caligot of eels so bepeppered and besalted that if applied as liniment it would have raised a blister on a rhinoceros.
    • 1995, Tom Wolf, Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Mountains, University Press of Colorado, page 27.
      Though desertlike at first glance, this landscape is, in fact, not deserted — and certainly not desertified, unlike its besalted, besotted counterparts downvalley.