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From Ottoman Turkish بسلمك(beslemek), from an older root bésle-[1]. Related to besin ("food").


  • IPA(key): /besleˈmec/
  • Hyphenation: bes‧le‧mek


beslemek (third-person singular simple present besler)

  1. to feed, to nourish.
    bu krem ellerimi besliyor - this cream nourishes my hands.
  2. to have a pet.
    köpek besliyorum - I have a dog (lit. I am feeding a dog)
  3. to ensure someone food.
  4. to add, to strengthen
    ateşi kuru odunla besledik - (lit.) we fed the fire with dry woods
  5. to make an emotional feeling live in one's heart.
    ona beslediğim aşktan kurtulamıyorum - I cannot get rid of the love that I feel for him/her.
  6. to support someone financially.


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