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From Middle English bewenden, biwenden, from Old English bewendan (to turn, turn round; to turn one’s attention, convert), from Proto-Germanic *biwandijaną (to turn around), equivalent to be- +‎ wend.


bewend (third-person singular simple present bewends, present participle bewending, simple past and past participle bewent or bewended)

  1. (transitive, chiefly dialectal) To turn; turn around.
    • 1971, William Barnes, One hundred poems - Page 62:
      Glowing under day's warm sunning, Sparkling with thy ripples' running, Taking to thee brooks and rills, Valley-draining, dell-bewending, Water-taking, water- sending, Down to dairy farms and mills, [...]
    • 2001, Douglas Robinson, Who Translates?:
      In between modern technics, nearlier spoken the wale-bewended modern logistic outlaying of thinking and speaking, has already set oversetting machines in going.