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From Middle English bewelden, equivalent to be- +‎ wield.


bewield ‎(third-person singular simple present bewields, present participle bewielding, simple past and past participle bewielded)

  1. (transitive, rare) To hold in hand; rule; control; manage; handle; wield.
    • 1883, Grip, volume 20:
      No grey goose quills the weapons used ;—a walking cane one feller With puissant arm bewielded, and the other his umbrella.
    • 1900, Jacobus (de Voragine), William Caxton, Frederick Startridge Ellis, The Golden Legend, Or, Lives of the Saints:
      But the hands of them that beat him became dry and the hands of the provost also, in such wise that they might not bewield them.
    • 1994, Win (Kanbawza), A Burmese Appeal to the UN and US, page 25:
      [...] better ways to actually bring about political change Studying the records which the U S administration has on Burma, is quite bewielding for an average Burmese Following the Burmese army's suppression of the peaceful revolution in Sept.
    • 2009, John S. Pobee, The Anglican Story in Ghana:
      Bewielding for this researcher, is the fact that though Dadson retiring 24th February 1997 had left handing over notes detailing handsome bank balances held in banks overseas and to be shared by the two dioceses of Tamale and Sunyani, [...]