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From Middle English bewelden, equivalent to be- +‎ wield.


bewield (third-person singular simple present bewields, present participle bewielding, simple past and past participle bewielded)

  1. (transitive, rare) To hold in hand; rule; control; manage; handle; wield.
    • 1883, Grip, volume 20:
      No grey goose quills the weapons used ;—a walking cane one feller With puissant arm bewielded, and the other his umbrella.
    • 1900, Jacobus (de Voragine), William Caxton, Frederick Startridge Ellis, The Golden Legend, Or, Lives of the Saints:
      But the hands of them that beat him became dry and the hands of the provost also, in such wise that they might not bewield them.
    • 2015, Patricia Spencer, Albion 2:
      6 cubits and a hand's breadth, all which does import that he was a notable Giant, and a 1 great strength to wear such an armor and bewield so heavy a lance.
    • 2016, Palak Mahajan, A Wayfare:
      I couldn't bewield this anymore. Interminable sentiments skirmishing inside me shouted for a vent.