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bewildered (comparative more bewildered, superlative most bewildered)

  1. Baffled, confused, mystified, at a loss, not thinking clearly, or uncertain.
    • 1825 January - December, Obadiah Lapstone, “Views of Life”, in The Newcastle Magazine, volume 4, page 452:
      This shows their superiority over opium -- cold, selfish, unsociable, mad, bewildered, soul-destroying opium.
    • 1836, Timothy Dwight & Sereno Edwards Dwight, Theology: Explained and Defended in a Series of Sermons - Volume 3, page 3:
      The prime object in his view is the gratification of his relish for strong drink, united with that bewildered elevation of spirits, which he feels in the hour of intoxication.
    • 1836, Lewis Cass, Speeches, Etc, page 49:
      Having got away the knives and lances of the men, who were bewildered and enraged with drink, she came stealthily into the cabin, feeling her way in the darkness, and hid them in the cracks and crevices of the logs.
    • 1875, St. Mungo's curse; or, The crippled singer of the Saltmarket, page 79:
      There is perhaps a likeness in the whiteness of the moonlight to the shining clearness of snow ; at all events Janet thought very much, though in a bewildered, drink be-clouded way, of the night when Wee Amos was injured, and that early Sabbath morning when Maggie had fetched her to him through the snow.
    He was just standing there, turning this way and that, with a bewildered look on his face.
    • 2015 March 12, Daniel Taylor, “Chelsea out of Champions League after Thiago Silva sends 10-man PSG through on away goals”, in The Guardian (London)[1]:
      It was a stodgy, weary display from Mourinho’s team with only sporadic moments when they threatened Salvatore Sirigu’s goal and their manager seemed bewildered afterwards when he tried to explain what had gone wrong.

Derived terms[edit]




  1. simple past tense and past participle of bewilder