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be- +‎ written


bewritten (comparative more bewritten, superlative most bewritten)

  1. Written about; depicted; portrayed; described.
    • 1863, John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress), Philip Gengembre Hubert, Sarah Orne Jewett, The Atlantic monthly: Volume 12:
      If I live a thousand years, I do not believe I shall ever do a more virtuous deed than I did long ago in staying at home for the sake of a quarter of a dollar when the rest of the school went to see Tom Thumb, the late bewritten bridegroom.
    • 1893, Sir Norman Lockyer, Nature: Volume 48:
      He was wholly different from the much-writing and much-bewritten " Field Naturalist" of the type with which we have lately become painfully familiar, the man who is all eyes and tongue but has no brains, thinking everything he sees is seen for the first time, [...]
    • 1899, The Nation: Volume 69:
      In the course of his career he has visited India, and now presents us with his recent but somewhat hasty notes on the people, plague, hunting, pagodas, mills, morals, and canals of that much bewritten land.
    • 1992, Thomas Mann, The holy sinner:
      Therewith he went to his desk, opened it, and reached far behind to a drawer at the back; this also he unlocked with a secret key and drew something out, richly besene, highly valuable, made of yvorie, framed in gold and splinters of precious stones, and closely bewritten.



  1. past participle of bewrite.