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  1. (intransitive) to bathe
    Synonyms: -geza, -hlamba
  2. (intransitive) to swim
    Synonyms: -hlamba


Tone class L
Infinitive ukubhukuda
Imperative Imperative
+ object prefix
Singular bhukuda bhukude
Plural bhukudani bhukudeni
Present Participial Subjunctive
1st singular ngiyabhukuda, ngibhukuda ngibhukuda ngibhukude
2nd singular uyabhukuda, ubhukuda ubhukuda ubhukude
1st plural siyabhukuda, sibhukuda sibhukuda sibhukude
2nd plural niyabhukuda, nibhukuda nibhukuda nibhukude
Class 1 uyabhukuda, ubhukuda ebhukuda abhukude
Class 2 bayabhukuda, babhukuda bebhukuda babhukude
Class 3 uyabhukuda, ubhukuda ubhukuda ubhukude
Class 4 iyabhukuda, ibhukuda ibhukuda ibhukude
Class 5 liyabhukuda, libhukuda libhukuda libhukude
Class 6 ayabhukuda, abhukuda ebhukuda abhukude
Class 7 siyabhukuda, sibhukuda sibhukuda sibhukude
Class 8 ziyabhukuda, zibhukuda zibhukuda zibhukude
Class 9 iyabhukuda, ibhukuda ibhukuda ibhukude
Class 10 ziyabhukuda, zibhukuda zibhukuda zibhukude
Class 11 luyabhukuda, lubhukuda lubhukuda lubhukude
Class 14 buyabhukuda, bubhukuda bubhukuda bubhukude
Class 15 kuyabhukuda, kubhukuda kubhukuda kubhukude
Class 17 kuyabhukuda, kubhukuda kubhukuda kubhukude
Recent past Recent past
1st singular ngibhukudile, ngibhukudē bengibhukuda
2nd singular ubhukudile, ubhukudē ubebhukuda
1st plural sibhukudile, sibhukudē sibebhukuda
2nd plural nibhukudile, nibhukudē nibebhukuda
Class 1 ubhukudile, ubhukudē ubebhukuda
Class 2 babhukudile, babhukudē bebebhukuda
Class 3 ubhukudile, ubhukudē bewubhukuda
Class 4 ibhukudile, ibhukudē beyibhukuda
Class 5 libhukudile, libhukudē belibhukuda
Class 6 abhukudile, abhukudē abebhukuda
Class 7 sibhukudile, sibhukudē besibhukuda
Class 8 zibhukudile, zibhukudē bezibhukuda
Class 9 ibhukudile, ibhukudē beyibhukuda
Class 10 zibhukudile, zibhukudē bezibhukuda
Class 11 lubhukudile, lubhukudē belubhukuda
Class 14 bubhukudile, bubhukudē bebubhukuda
Class 15 kubhukudile, kubhukudē bekubhukuda
Class 17 kubhukudile, kubhukudē bekubhukuda
Remote past Remote past
1st singular ngābhukuda ngangibhukuda
2nd singular wābhukuda wawubhukuda
1st plural sābhukuda sasibhukuda
2nd plural nābhukuda nanibhukuda
Class 1 wābhukuda wayebhukuda
Class 2 bābhukuda babebhukuda
Class 3 wābhukuda wawubhukuda
Class 4 yābhukuda yayibhukuda
Class 5 lābhukuda lalibhukuda
Class 6 ābhukuda ayebhukuda
Class 7 sābhukuda sasibhukuda
Class 8 zābhukuda zazibhukuda
Class 9 yābhukuda yayibhukuda
Class 10 zābhukuda zazibhukuda
Class 11 lwābhukuda lwalubhukuda
Class 14 bābhukuda babubhukuda
Class 15 kwābhukuda kwakubhukuda
Class 17 kwābhukuda kwakubhukuda
1st singular ngizobhukuda
2nd singular uzobhukuda
1st plural sizobhukuda
2nd plural nizobhukuda
Class 1 uzobhukuda
Class 2 bazobhukuda
Class 3 uzobhukuda
Class 4 izobhukuda
Class 5 lizobhukuda
Class 6 azobhukuda
Class 7 sizobhukuda
Class 8 zizobhukuda
Class 9 izobhukuda
Class 10 zizobhukuda
Class 11 luzobhukuda
Class 14 buzobhukuda
Class 15 kuzobhukuda
Class 17 kuzobhukuda