bicho geográfico

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Alternative forms[edit]


From bicho (bug) + geográfico (geographical); literally: geographical bug, so called after the map-shaped marks it leaves on the skin.



bicho geográfico m (plural bichos geográficos)

  1. (informal) either of two species of ancylostomatids (parasitic hookworms) which cause creeping eruption
    • 2008, Luiz Roberto Tommasi, Meio Ambiente e Oceanos, Senac, page 184:
      O bicho geográfico é, na verdade, o Ancylostoma caninum, comum nas fezes de cães, ou o Ancylostoma brasiliense, comum nas fezes de gatos.
      The geographical bug is, actually, the Ancylostoma caninum, common in dog faeces, or the Ancylostoma brasiliense, common in cat faeces.