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bicycle +‎ -ist


bicyclist (plural bicyclists)

  1. Rare form of cyclist.
    Synonym: biker
    • 1899, Hal Standish (pseudonym; H. K. Shackleford), “Fred Fearnot's Flyers, or, The bicycle league of Avon”, in Work and Win Weekly for Young America, number 37, New York, page 3:
      “Yes, that is true, professor. I believe I’ve been guilty of doing so myself; but look here, Miss Eunice,” and he turned suddenly to the professor’s daughter, “they tell me that you are an enthusiastic bicyclist.”
    • 1945, The Motor, volume 86, page 275:
      Our policemen, of course, will be fitted out with large, twirlable moustaches and small, twirlable rolling-pins, and will be taught to turn their backs on traffic jams, but to blow whistles violently at solitary bicyclists.