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From biff +‎ -o.


biffo (uncountable)

  1. (Australia, New Zealand, slang) Violence, fighting; a fight.
    There was too much biffo going on at that club, so I left.
    • 2006, Christine Matzke, Susanne Muehleisen, Postcolonial Postmortems: Crime Fiction from a Transcultural Perspective, page 236,
      Barrett's working class man is simply one who enjoys his beer, his rock music (like Norton, he's a man in his early thirties), and a bit of biffo.
    • 2005, William McInnes, A Man's Got to Have a Hobby, unnumbered page,
      We all liked a bit of biffo and gunplay, so when the telecast was broken for a newsflash, everyone groaned.
    • 2010, Matt Warshaw, The History of Surfing[1], page 207:
      Things peaked a year later with a Sunday afternoon biffo pitting a good-sized detachment of rockers against a combined force of surfies and clubbies.