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Alternative forms[edit]


big labor (uncountable)

  1. (sometimes capitalized) Large trade unions or labor unions collectively, understood as having significant economic, political, or societal influence.
    • 1955 Dec. 19, "Editorial: Is “Big Labor” Good or Bad?," Life, p. 28 (retrieved 17 Dec 2011):
      Some fear that Big Labor will one day form its own party and attempt to capture government.
    • 1957 June 24, "National Affairs: Defeat for Labor," Time:
      Among U.S. city governments, few have been more strongly controlled by big labor than Minneapolis (pop. 560700)
    • 2011 March 6, Albert R. Hunt, "In the U.S., Big Labor Just Isn't That Big," New York Times (retrieved 17 Dec 2011):
      The political battles raging in states across America are cast as about whether big labor retains its considerable clout. . . . The reality is that the U.S. labor movement has steadily lost influence, politically, socially and economically.

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