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Alternative forms[edit]


Borrowed from French billard.



biljart n or m (plural biljarten or biljarts, diminutive biljartje n)

  1. billiards [from ca. 1800]
  2. billiard table [from early 18th c.]
    • 1731, Sesdaegsch winterbuitenleven, publ. by Abraham Ambrullaert, page 53.
      't Was dien dag vry koud en 't miſtte ſtark, zo dat wy ons maer ontkleed hielden, en zo naer beneden gingen, daer de and're Heeren die zich op de Biljart of met leezen verdiverteert hadden, al gereed ſtonden om aen tafel te gaen, die ook daetelyk wiert opgediſcht.
      It was rather cold that day and it was very foggy, so we kept ourselves undressed, and thus came down, because the other gentlemen who has diverted themselves on the billiard or with reading, were ready to go sit at the table, which was also decked soon.

Derived terms[edit]