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Alternative forms[edit]

The second character in this picture of the Rök Runestone is a bindrune of and , that is a and þ.


bind +‎ rune This etymology is incomplete. You can help Wiktionary by elaborating on the origins of this term.


bind-rune (plural bind-runes)

  1. A ligature of two or more runes; a character formed by one or more runes superimposed upon another.
    • 1988, The Enchanted Alphabet, Dr James Peterson,
      two or more runes as a single character, called a bind-rune.
    • 1996, Kenneth Meadows, Rune Power, Element, →ISBN, page 246.
      Bind-rune. A combination of two or more Runes superimposed on one another to make a single shape or pattern.
    • 1998, The Norse Tradition: A beginner's guide, Pete Jennings, Headway, →ISBN, page 36.
      One way in which runes can be used very powerfully is to combine several into what is known as a sigil or bindrune.