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Alternative forms[edit]


From binge +‎ watch.


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binge-watch (third-person singular simple present binge-watches, present participle binge-watching, simple past and past participle binge-watched)

  1. To watch multiple episodes of a television programme in a short period of time.
    • 2013, Vishal Gaikwad, "Curry Corner", South Wales Echo, 10 March 2013:
      Thankfully, due to the power of BBC iPlayer, I was able to binge-watch the whole series of The Great British Sewing Bee last Sunday.
    • 2014, Michelle Kramer-Fitzgerald, "Joe Trainor Wants You…", Out & About Magazine, June 2014, page 41:
      "People come to shows, but not in the numbers we all hope for. We must give audiences a reason to tear away from the Internet and binge-watching Doctor Who."
    • 2014, Sandra Sobieraj Westfall, "Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Becoming a Grandmother – and Possible Presidential Run", People, 4 June 2014:
      "Oh, that was good, too," she [Hillary Clinton] said, describing a little self-consciously how she and her husband Bill "totally binge-watched" the first season of House of Cards.

Derived terms[edit]