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Alternative forms[edit]


bio- +‎ break


bio-break (plural bio-breaks)

  1. (informal, euphemistic) A visit to a bathroom or restroom in order to relieve oneself.
    • 2004 Dec. 16, Trever Bushnell, "Pro Cycling News: Riding the Ruta de los Conquistadores," Daily Peloton (retrieved 7 Oct 2013):
      We stopped once for a bio-break at a road side gas station. Most of us (including a few women) used the bushes because it took too long to get in the bathrooms.
    • 2006 Dec. 24, Scott Jason, "Travel Center Slated to Open Early '07," Modesto Bee (retrieved 7 Oct 2013):
      "You are either going to stop for a gas break, meal break or a bio break. At these facilities you can do all three."
    • 2008 Dec. 2, Victor Nicholas, "El Qaeda Targets Flush Toilets," The Spoof (retrieved 7 Oct 2013):
      Bin-Laden says his hatred of flush toilets stems from an incident in his youth when he was visiting London with his family and faced with nature's urge to take a bio-break was shocked to see his first flush toilet.
    • 2009 Jan. 8, Rick Merritt, "Video: LG's Woo Paik on 3DTV," EE Times (retrieved 7 Oct 2013):
      There is barely time for a bio break in between events.