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A bathroom with primitive toilet in Britain's Beamish Museum.
A public bathroom (restroom) in the United States.

Alternative forms[edit]


From bath +‎ room. Compare Dutch badkamer(bathroom), German Badezimmer(bathroom), Swedish badrum(bathroom).



bathroom ‎(plural bathrooms)

  1. A room containing a bathtub and (typically but not necessarily) a toilet.
  2. (chiefly US, euphemistic) A lavatory: a room containing a toilet and (typically but not necessarily) a bathtub.
    Most Americans don't know 'WC' and many Brits mock 'bathroom' but almost everyone understands 'toilet' or 'lavatory'.

Usage notes[edit]

From the beginning of the 20th century, bathroom has been the generic word for a room with toilet facilities in both American[1] and British English,[2] although it is often considered an Americanism[3] as Britons continued to say lavatory relatively more frequently and now often say loo or WC for a room with a toilet but no bath. Partly from French influence, such rooms are also relatively more common in British homes.

In some contexts, bathroom refers more particularly to the toilet facilities of a private residence, distinguished from public buildings' restrooms, men's rooms, ladies' rooms, &c.





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