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biological +‎ -ly


biologically (not comparable)

  1. In a biological manner.
    • 1985, Technologies to Benefit Agriculture and Wildlife: Workshop Proceedings, page 101:
      Working with a concept formulated in New Jersey, Open Marsh Water Management, techniques were developed that controlled mosquitoes biologically, rather than chemically, resulting in minimal physical impacts to the treated marshes, []
    • 2017, David B. Grant, Chee Yew Wong, Alexander Trautrims, Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Principles and Practices for Sustainable Operations and Management, Kogan Page Publishers (→ISBN), page 55:
      ... and have built vast greenhouses dedicated to breeding and harvesting ladybirds to control pests biologically rather than chemically.
  2. With regard to biology.

Derived terms[edit]