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biotch (plural biotches)

  1. Alternative spelling of biatch
    • 1998, Theatre Communications Group, American theatre, volume 15, page 34:
      What you thought it was, fool? You knowhamsayin'? Biotch.
    • 2003, Travis Keller, Buddyhead's Los Angeles, CMJ New Music Monthly, Nov 2003, page 52
      My glass is half full, biotch.
    • 2005, Citrine Topaz, Da Color of My Love, iUniverse, page 58
      You ugly ass, twig figure, dirty foot biotch.
    • 2006, Judy Rae, When a Man Loves a Man, iUniverse, page 116
      "All right, all right! You are one sexy biotch," Johnny said, laughing even harder.
    • 2009, Jr. Arthur E. Perkins, Circumnavigating the Globe, AuthorHouse, page 70
      Yeah, yeah I'm rich, biotch.
    • 2010, Meredith O'hayre, The Scream Queen's Survival Guide, Adams Media, page 154
      There's no way not to sound like a cold-hearted biotch here.