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bird +‎ sweet


birdsweet (comparative more birdsweet, superlative most birdsweet)

  1. (poetic, rare) Sweet-sounding, dulcet, as of birdsong
    • 1922 February, James Joyce, “[Episode 1]”, in Ulysses, London: The Egoist Press, published October 1922, OCLC 2297483:
      He capered before them down towards the fortyfoot hole, fluttering his winglike hands, leaping nimbly, Mercury's hat quivering in the fresh wind that bore back to them his brief birdsweet cries.
    • 1999, Gina Berriault, The Great Petrowski, Counterpoint (1999), →ISBN, page 21:
      A soprano, her voice was birdsweet and passionate, and she possessed her own lustrous reputation.
    • 2009, Ben Gehrels, "The Lovesong of Mr. Charles Faxa", The Writer's Block, Issue #2, page 8:
      Speech paused momentarily on Faxa's lips as he pondered her birdsweet notes in smoky silence.