bit of skirt

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bit of skirt (plural bits of skirt)

  1. (Britain slang, offensive) A woman, when regarded as a sexual object.
    • 2000, Roy Holland, Just a Bit Touched: Tales of Perspective, page 44:
      I never heard a word about a bit of skirt. Not like some blokes you meet — they're born out of one and they try to spend the rest of their lives getting back in.
    • 2012, Jane Roberts, Triple Challenge: '69 to '70, page 24:
      Rosemary overheard him say that he did not usually grace such functions with his presence, but had been dragged along one January evening with the promise of a 'nice bit of skirt'.
    • 2012, J. T. Ellison, The Cold Room:
      He slapped the visor back into place. “Tired?” Baldwin asked. “A bit. This case, you know. Been keeping me up all hours for weeks. Your bit of skirt is quite the woman, isn't she?” Memphis asked.