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biyatch (plural biyatches)

  1. Alternative spelling of biatch
    • 2003, Joseph P. Collier, Nightless Moon, iUniverse, Page 60
      Biyatch Cat (Punishment by Humiliation)
    • 2005, Jeremy Iversen, Twenty-one, Simon and Schuster, page 107
      Then the speakers cut in, mega-loud: "Yeayah! You didn't know that we be PISSIN' on hoes, biyatch!"
    • 2008, Anna Green, Food Stamp, in New stories from the Southwest, Ohio University Press, page 133
      I had said, "Bet you ten bucks you won't go up to that biyatch and knock her lights out."
    • 2010, Bruce A. Sarte, Towering Pines Volume One: Room 509, Bucks County Publishing, page 61
      That's Harrington; she's a total biyatch.