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Alternative forms[edit]


Blend of black +‎ accent


blaccent (plural blaccents)

  1. (US, nonstandard, humorous, neologism) An accent characteristic of African-Americans (black Americans).
    • 2003 January 5, Eric Stewart, “the people's kitchen”,, Usenet
      He's black, but doesn't have a trace of a blaccent.
    • 2004 February 19, Ben Zimmer, Is the slogan grammatical?, sci.lang, Usenet
      Timberlake has long sought to overcome his whiteness to perfect a "blaccent", as the kids call it these days, and the McDonald's ad campaign explicitly relies on a hiphop idiom.
    • 2005 November 15, “Eli” of Michigan, “Lord of The Dance”, The Life of a Swordfish, at [1]
      She spoke with a very thick she screamed "C'mon B!, C'mon B! C'mon B!" (she was quite persistent with this phrase, and used the actual word) "I betta neva see yo A out eating sub sammiches eva again!".
    • 2006 February 8, “Drew” of Philadelphia, “The moral's I'm immortal ”, Trapper Juan, at [2]
      Rothlisberger...speaks with a blaccent, which in reality is not that uncommon. The problem is his inconsistency. Sometimes, he lays it on thicker than J. Will haggling at a swap meet