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Alternative forms[edit]


blackfeller (plural blackfellers)

  1. (Australia) An Australian Aboriginal.
    • 1992, Bruce Shaw (editor), When the Dust Come in Between: Aboriginal Viewpoints in the East Kimberley Prior to 1982[1], page 100:
      You see we were only like ordinary blackfellers. We didn′t know anything.
    • 2007, Noel Olive, Enough is Enough: A History of the Pilbara Mob[2], page 143:
      The whitefellers′ Law said it was a wrong thing to get a blackfeller to leave his district and go elsewhere, so Clancy and his mates were gaoled ...
    • 2009, Alf Barlow, The Two Rainbow Serpents, in Jeremy Beckett, Luise Hercus, The Two Rainbow Serpents Travelling: Mura Track Narratives from the ‘Corner Country’, page 30,
      They reckoned they saw a big blackfeller camp on one side. They made the creek deeper. They named the place ‘Gumbagunbara (blackfeller)’.

Coordinate terms[edit]