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Alternative forms[edit]


white +‎ feller


whitefeller (plural whitefellers)

  1. (Australia) A white settler in Australia; a non-Aboriginal Australian; often used attributively.
    In native title matters, there is a lot of talk about litigation, mediation, negotiation and questions about whitefeller law.
    • 1959, Donald Stuart, Yandy, page 11,
      The whitefellers did not let anyone but whitefellers learn their ways properly, he knew that now.
    • 1992, Patricia Shaw, The Feather and the Stone, 2011, unnumbered page,
      ‘No use,’ some friends said, miserably. ‘We can′t take them down until sunset, that is whitefeller law.’
    • 2010, Adrian Hyland, Gunshot Road, page 4,
      In the distance the whitefeller lights of Bluebush cast an ugly orange pallor into the sky.
      Gypsy was a Kantulyu woman, grown to adulthood in the desert out west. Hadn′t seen a whitefeller until she was in her twenties.

Coordinate terms[edit]