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black +‎ -speak


blackspeak (uncountable)

  1. The dialect of English spoken by people of sub-Saharan African ancestry living stateside.
    • 1995, Robert Dawidoff, "The Kind of Person You Have to Sound Like to Sing 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'", in Elazar Barkan and Ronald Bush, editors, Prehistories of the Future: The Primitivist Project and the Culture of Modernism, Stanford University Press, ISBN 0804724865, page 302,
      It sounds odd to us now, but contemporary sources... suggest how the archaic blackspeak that we associate with blackface performers had some of the aura of the later white appropriations of black speech.
    • 2002, Joe S. Harrington, Sonic Cool: The Life & Death of Rock 'n' Roll, Hal Leonard, ISBN 0634028618, page 64,
      Jordan's records were the first time many whites encountered the nuances of hip urban blackspeak.
    • 2006, Robert B. Parker, Hundred-Dollar Baby, Putnam, ISBN 0399153764, page 35,
      Like Hawk, he moved easily in and out of blackspeak as it suited him.
      "They is a couple of approaches to the whore business," he said.