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blimp +‎ -ish


blimpish (comparative more blimpish, superlative most blimpish)

  1. Blimp-like in appearance or size.
    • 1930 August 11, “Cardinals Hand Severe Jolt To League Leaders”, in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette[1]:
      The eccentric southpaw was in fine fettle, yielding only five singles and striking out 12 of the Dodger sluggers, much to the anguish of your slightly blimpish Uncle Wilbert Robinson.
  2. (often capitalized) Pompously reactionary, like Colonel Blimp.
    • 1943 June 21, "News: Gad, Sir, He Had To Die," Time:
      A young Home Guard officer decides to show his Blimpish superiors that the younger generation is fed up with playing old-fashioned war games.