blow it out one's ass

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blow it out one's ass

  1. (vulgar) An expression of anger or disrespect toward another party's statement.
    • 1998, Wally Lamb, I Know This Much Is True, Cambridge University Press (1998), ↑ISBN, page 291:
      Then the one with the bangs handed the phone to the other one, who said something snotty to Leo. He told her she could blow it out her ass.
    • 2002Douglas Coupland, All Families Are Psychotic, Vintage Canada (2002), ↑ISBN, page 62:
      'You little monsters! Who the hell do you think you are? I'm calling the police right now. You're all going to get a thorough licking on this one. Jail, too.'
      'Blow it out your ass,' said Wade. Mrs. Breznek snorted in disgust.