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Alternative forms[edit]


blow +‎ buddy


blowbuddy (plural blowbuddies)

  1. (slang, rare, nonstandard) A male same-sex partner, especially for fellatio and mutual masturbation or by extension a close friend (humorous, mockingly)
    • 2004, John Butler, This Gay Utopia, page 63
      Jimmy moved away that summer when his father was transferred to Arizona, but Tony had no trouble in developing regular sexual liaisons with a number of new blowbuddies and fuckbuddies in his freshman year at Atlantic High
    • 2010, Greg Bowden, The Folks on Taylor Circle, page 97
      Cliff wasn't about to go off to Chicago without the best blow-buddy he'd ever had.
    • 2011, Lenny Francis, Ptsd of a Lesser Known Kind: An Allegory, page 59
      Move it [his redneck blowbuddy laughs]! I said move it else I'll put my foot up yer ass!” “Yes sir. On it right away!” acknowledged Alan humbly, taking the tray from him.
    • 2011, Christopher Rice, A Density of Souls[1]:
      But we're not throwing this play just because you and Darby here are blow buddies!" Brandon slammed into Cameron Stern, their helmets cracking together loud enough for Brandon to think he'd gone deaf.
    Tom, Dick, and Harry have been blowbuddies for years now.


Related terms[edit]