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blueberry +‎ -ed


blueberried (comparative more blueberried, superlative most blueberried)

  1. (of food) Containing or covered in blueberries.
    • 2005, Alex May & Nancy May, Bed, Breakfast & Bike - Mid-Atlantic: A Cycling Guide to Country Inns, White Meadow Press (1992), →ISBN, page 113:
      Cathy served breakfast on the long glassed porch and offered us a choice among pancakes, plain or blueberried, French toast, and eggs.
    • 2005, Melissa Bank, The Wonder Spot, Penguin (2006), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Dena's at the grocery store, he says. Do I want pancakes with fresh-picked blueberries? He holds up a bowl of blueberried batter.
    • 2010, Rebecca Gray, Gray's Venison Cookbook, GrayBooks LLC (2010), →ISBN, page 41:
      Unmold on a serving platter and pour warm caramel syrup over the blueberried top.
  2. (of a plant) Having berries that are blue.
    • 1932, The Best Short Stories of 1932 (ed. Edward J. O'Brien), Dodd, Mead and Company (1932), page 44:
      Only the sagebrush, the road, and the dusty blueberried spruce for miles and the sun pricking the sand.
    • 1983, Paula Modersohn-Becker: The Letters and Journals (eds. Günter Busch & Liselotte Von Reinken; trans. Arthur S. Wensinger & Carole Clew Hoey), Northwestern University Press (1998), →ISBN, page 173:
      Along the riverbanks lie enchanted old gardens, with blueberried ivy spilling over their gray stone walls.
    • 2002, Jack Loeffler, Adventures With Ed: A Portrait of Abbey, University of New Mexico Press (2003), →ISBN, page 143:
      Juniper, ubiquitous on the Colorado Plateau, twisted tree of infinite shapes, blueberried and beautiful, sometimes slapped me with a branch bountiful with pollen and set me to sneezing and laughing at my clumsiness along the trail.



  1. simple past tense and past participle of blueberry