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bluefin tuna (usually uncountable, plural bluefin tunas)

  1. A member of a species of tuna, Thunnus genus, having blue fins, including
    1. Thunnus thynnus, Atlantic bluefin tuna, found in both the western and eastern Atlantic Ocean, and also
      in the Mediterranean Sea.
    2. Thunnus tonggol, longtail tuna, found in tropical Indo-West Pacific waters.
    3. Thunnus orientalis, Pacific bluefin tuna, found widely in the northern Pacific Ocean and locally in the south.
    4. Thunnus maccoyii, southern bluefin tuna.
    • 2013 July 26, Nick Miroff, “Mexico gets a taste for eating insects [] ”, in The Guardian Weekly[1], volume 189, number 7, page 32:
      The San Juan market is Mexico City's most famous deli of exotic meats, where an adventurous shopper can hunt down hard-to-find critters [] But the priciest items in the market aren't the armadillo steaks or even the bluefin tuna.



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