bo jio

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Hokkien (, “not”) + (chio, “invite”).


  • (Singaporean English) IPA(key): /boː ˈdʒɪʲoː/


bo jio (third-person singular simple present bo jios, present participle bo jioing, simple past and past participle bo jioed)

  1. (Singapore, transitive, colloquial, informal) to not invite somebody to an event or activity.
    • 2012 June 20, [Author Unknown], “9gag Singapore: Blogger William Tan Bo Jio Blogger Hpility”, in Hpility SG[1], retrieved 2015-10-22:
      Wa Lao William Tan, Why you Bo Jio Me to eat Domino’s Pizza?
    • 2014, [Author Unknown], “Love Singapore 50”, in Frasers Centerpoint Limited[2], retrieved 2015-10-22:
      When we asked you for your favourite Singlish Slang, alamak, all the kiasu people rushed to share their favourites! Some won prizes. That could have been you. We hope next time you wouldn’t paiseh and join in the fun. Don’t say we bojio hor.
    • 2014 October 11, Hu Ching, “This simple app might retire ‘bo jio’ from the Singlish vocabulary”, in[3]:
      Don’t say we bo jio you to use JIO.
    • 2015 July 5, S M Ong, “Why got free barbecue 'bo jio'*?”, in The New Paper Online[4], retrieved 2015-10-22:
      Why got free barbecue 'bo jio'?

Usage notes[edit]

Usually said in jest rather than as a genuine accusation or complaint. Most commonly used in uninflected form.