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From boast +‎ -ly.


boastly (comparative more boastly, superlative most boastly)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) In a boastly or boastful manner; boastfully.
    • 1953, A Bibliographical Study of William Blake's Note-Book - Page 43:
      But a significant phenomenon observed throughout the whole is that these poems underwent copious deletions and emendations by the hand of Blake, who, ten years later, boastly told of his "long Poem ... on One Grand Theme, Similar to Hom,er's Illiad or Milton's Paradise Lost"; [...]
    • 1993, Asim Maitra, Profile of a Little Known Tribe:
      The Lisu have a fictious relationship with the tiger (heme) and boastly say that they are never attacked by a tiger.
    • 2011, Jahangir Akash, Pain - Page 53:
      This council will immediately meet the parliamentary committe and say please bring this issue in the parliament and any how, you have two-third majority (you say day and night boastly, you can Stop the politics of Awami League!), reform the constitution and give tribals the recognition.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Generally an error by non-native speakers.