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From boast +‎ -ly.


boastly ‎(comparative more boastly, superlative most boastly)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) In a boastly or boastful manner; boastfully.
    • 1953, A Bibliographical Study of William Blake's Note-Book - Page 43:
      But a significant phenomenon observed throughout the whole is that these poems underwent copious deletions and emendations by the hand of Blake, who , ten years later, boastly told of his "long Poem ... on One Grand Theme, Similar to Hom,er's Illiad or Milton's Paradise Lost"; [...]
    • 1993, Asim Maitra, Profile of a Little Known Tribe:
      The Lisu have a fictious relationship with the tiger (heme) and boastly say that they are never attacked by a tiger.
    • 2011, Jahangir Akash, Pain - Page 53:
      This council will immediately meet the parliamentary committe and say please bring this issue in the parliament and any how, you have two-third majority (you say day and night boastly, you can Stop the politics of Awami League!), reform the constitution and give tribals the recognition.

Usage notes[edit]

  • Generally an error by non-native speakers.