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From Choctaw itibapishili ((he or she is a) sibling, friend; (we) nursed together), from itibapishi (sibling, friend, one who was nursed together with (someone)), from iti (each other) (compare Creek eta (the same; oneself; in compounds: joined, two, each other)) + iba (with) + pishi (suckle) (compare Creek pese, epese ((her) breast)). The English term was first used in print in 1962 in Faulkner's The Reivers.[1]



  1. (chiefly US, Gulf states dialects, rare) A good friend.
    • 1990, Graham Masterton, Empress, page 96:
      He kissed her cheek. She could feel for herself how cold and sweaty her skin was. 'Lucy you darling bobbasheely,' he coaxed her, 'there's nothing for you to be afraid of. Nothing! It's the naturalest thing in the world. And I love you, there's no question about that.'



  1. (chiefly US, Gulf states' dialects, rare) To hang out with (friends).
    • 2012 January 21, "topazgalaxy" or "Lisi Peteras", Lisi needs to bobbasheely, in, Usenet


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