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From Afrikaans. Possibly Latin bucca bucca quot sunt hic. See Talk page.


bok-bok (uncountable)

  1. (South Africa) A boys' game where two or three children form a base, and others jump on them to make the base collapse.
    • Bok-bok involves two teams. The members of one team stand against a wall while the other team jumps on their backs, trying to make them collapse. These days, instead of making people collapse, players have to guess how many are on their backs. Of course, collapses still happen. [1]
    • To celebrate the establishment of a living Pioneer Museum as well as the construction of the ‘jukskei’ and ‘kennetjie’ courts which will indeed ensure that the Voortrekker Monument Heritage Site is a living heritage site, a ‘boeresport’ day is being organized for 24 August 2002. Several events, such as ‘jukskei’, bok-bok, ‘skilpadtrek’, ‘haanskop’, ‘kennetjie’, egg tossing, ‘giffie’, ‘stoktrek’ and sack races have been planned. [2]



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