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Possibly from Tasmanian bubiala.


boobialla (plural boobiallas)

  1. (Australia) Any of various flowering plants in the genus Myoporum in the figwort family.
    • 2001, Inga Clendinnen, Tiger's Eye: A Memoir[1], page 63:
      I grabbed them and splashed across the river and up the far bank, backed deep into a boobialla bush and pulled them in after me.
    • 2007, Graeme Kinross-Smith, Long Afternoon of the World[2], page 184:
      And remember dead boobialla branches have one aim when you are gathering them, chopping them, lopping them, splitting them, breaking them under your boot – and that aimm is to gouge out your eye, to lance your hands, to trip you up, to deflect the axe into your boot, to kill you if possible.
    • 2010, Ray Kirkwood, Variant Breed[3], page 191:
      A vast forest of Boobialla trees, growing completely out of control, spread widely right to the very foreshore of the station. [] At a later date, I would be responsible for clearing this boobialla with my trusty chainsaw.